A silent and harmonious song, made by something much stronger than us, and now we enjoy the dance of the sun and the moon.

Fill Yourself Up

This angel helps you to fill up your emptiness on your way to happiness. He helps you to live with love and understanding for yourself. Then an inner light of balance floods you.

Global Angel

This Angel helps us get out of our lethargic state and shed our Egos. It directs us to think collectively for the sake of our planet, our Home. It opens new paths to collective consciousness and leads us open up to innovative ways of living. This Angel helps us recognize our true potential as humans and solve all problems through the exchange of knowledge among communities and countries. We share ideas and talents. We share food and love. We share understanding and acceptance of others. We reach the highest level of empathy and kindness. The Angel’s final aim is to balance out our levels of energy through love. The help we offer to the world has reciprocity. The dynamics created by it helps Mother Earth and the collective. It is a gift of highest environmental perspective. Together we heal ourselves and the World.

The Complete Angel

In the hugging wings of the angel you find protection. He is there for you because your power is not strong enough to face life’s challenges. He will be actively present until your body and soul regain their strength.The Labradorite is a gemstone which leads to stress relief and helps people find inner peace.

First Step

Angel as symbol means protection. Within your faith under the wings standing you can find inner peace, security, plenty of light and love, so that your life will be full of confidence and happiness.

Guardian Angel

Angel as symbol means protection. Within your faith under the wings standing you can find inner peace, security, plenty of light and love, so that your life will be full of confidence and happiness.


This angel helps you. Open your heart and spread love everywhere. Love is coming through the heart.


We are all in constant communication with each other. Hand in hand we are led by the messengers of light.

Angel „Key of life“

He opens the door for you to a life full of light, peace and harmony.

Archangel Michael

The wings of Archangel Michael are a symbol of ultimate protection. Feel the power of the Archangel and fill your soul with courage and optimism. Live with confidence and hope in yourself and in life through faith in Archangel Michael. If you ask him, he shall cut off and separate the connections with the challenges from the past that burden you. He shall liberate you and fill you with energy, light and love. Let his wings embrace you and feel his protection.

Teaching Angel

The “angel of teaching” guides you to believe in yourself and to boost your self-confidence. It shows you how to find your power and how to move forward in your life.

The Dance of the Angels

After a lively dance we feel first a sweet tiredness, followed by a pleasant lightness even bliss. Similar emotions we sense while trying to meet the Angels by following their way.

The Angel of Youth

A powerful Angel, bathed in the Light of youth, the vitality and the power shining from within you. The Angel gives you the ability to rejuvenate through acts of kindness towards the others and acts of love towards yourself. Pay attention to what you receive through your senses. Choose wisely what you feed your eyes, your ears, your mind. Exercise both mentally and physically to keep yourself at a youthful state of being. Embrace people who have a positive view of life.

The Power of Animals - Ancient Wisdom

In ancient Greece, the symbols of animals were engraved on shields and armours, not just to scare the enemy, but because the person who wore it felt the power of the animal. Wear them too, take the power and agility from panthers, lions and rams. Find the talents you have through the knowledge of animals. Overcome daily challenges and gain victories in small and big problems.

Aphrodite / Mother - Goddess

Aphrodite for the ancient Greeks, Ishtar for the Babylonians, Inanna for the Mesopotamians. Mother-goddess known by many names since the beginning of humanity is the Symbol of fertility and abundance. Her timeless image symbolizes the power of creation, rebirth, the origin of the world and every new form of life.

The miracle of metamorphosis

As an “artist of transformation” the butterfly reminds you that after much effort a rebirth takes place, with ease, joy of life and beauty.


This symbol helps you connect with your higher self and cosmic realm. Trust your intuition and inner voice, which recognize and understand the divine signs. Be open and receive information from the field of love. This way, the CIB restores the connection with the divine and the inner voice. Through the channel of divine light, the symbol raises you to a vibration of love, a state of forgiveness and enlightenment. The symbol gives you the power to reach self-realization and helps you stay in touch with selfless love for everything. Practice meditation to strengthen the connection to your original source and heart. Feel the healing of your intense sensations, when the CIB symbol brings you back to confidence in your own cosmic intuition. Accept these waves of knowledge from the CIB symbol along the center axis of your spine. Travel in this cosmic dimension, which is not restricted by time, and exudes unlimited light.


The Cross is a symbol of positive energy and is also considered by many religions a symbol of strength and balance. In this sense, the Cross is a symbol of the union of heaven and earth, male and female, or other binary opposing pairs. It is an amulet of protection, invigoration and empowerment.

The Dove of Light

Give all your fears to the dove of light. The dove will take them to the light. Once you heal your fears, your emptiness will be filled with emotions of faith, peace and self-appreciation. The more fears you overcome, the more your soul will blossom like a little paradise. Now that you are free from the burden of fears, spread your wings and live with confidence in yourself and life.


A symbol of patience and adaptability. It is nimble and agile, it adapts effortlessly to its surroundings. She teaches you to let go of problems and overcome obstacles. She doesn’t let difficulties stop her on her way, but finds a way to overcome them. The dragonfly symbolizes an invincible person who has patiently nurtured their virtues.
In the pentagon with the dragonflies we see that the power of humans can be considerably enhanced by working together, just like in the symbol of the flower of life.


In elementary school, all the margins of my books were filled with tightly knitted doodles, which through the repetitive harmony of shapes, implicitly, confided a lot to me. My young soul found strength, calm and inspiration through that. Today it is easy to understand why I did this. The shapes have a sweet harmony and at the same time exude a sense of freedom, as well as love. Feel this schematic harmony of colours and shapes in your life, combine it with gratitude for what you are today and for what you want to be. Live with joy and feel the love.

The Flower of Life

Become part of the Flower of Life. Enjoy its healing qualities, the energy of the love stemming from your actions while wearing it. The Flower of Life represents the power of collective thought which can change anything, even what seems impossible. All of us, a worldwide web, surround the planet taking part in a holistic global healing manifestation process, receiving back love and the healing energy of collective wisdom. We synchronize in a universal environment of positive thinking and doing. The multiplicity of this powerful energy exposes us to holistic healing powers both as individuals and as a whole. Each and every one of us is a Flower of healing light and collectively we are the Sun of positive energy manifesting Love, Peace, Justice and Meritocracy.

FLOW Pulsation-Sound-Energy-Cure

Everything is sound, everything is movement, everything is vibration. Feel the pulsating movement and receive the energy of the symbol. Knowledge is assimilated into a vibration of increasing energy which flows through copper. Cleansed by the crystals it gives us clean energy which is activated by the dynamic shape of the symbol. This helps us avoid mood swings, it unblocks our three lower chakras and balances our sexual energy. Thus, the rest of our chakras can be activated as well, giving us clear thoughts and Love for the Self without Fear. It also contributes to the empowerment of our immune system.

Eye - Amulet

An image of semantic significance. The eye of justice – The eye of God. Capable and often necessary to protect our aura. Helps us not lose our vital energy from our body and protects us from evil.


The everlasting journey of soul and spirit, unobstructed by changes, unaltered, equipped with All wisdom. An inexhaustible energy travelling perpetually through the Universe. Sharing this symbol with someone means we are deeply committed and have infinite love for them. The energy of Infinity helps us regain trust in our life and existence.

Key to Wisdom

The key that opens the door of self-awareness. It reminds you that you can be calm and patient to achieve your goals. It reminds you that it is important to take care of your body through exercise and diet. Work towards your goals with confidence and dedicate time and patience to everything you do. The door to happiness has just been found and is wide open.

The Hummingbird

The hummingbird, as a spiritual guide, shows you the path to happiness through the tireless effort towards self-improvement. It approaches life through the advantages it gives you and helps you leave negative thoughts behind. The hummingbird is versatile, uses its various abilities, loves what it is and lives harmoniously and peacefully. Believe in yourself, and draw knowledge from your experiences. Plan the future with self-confidence, find your abilities, earn happiness and peace in your life.


A place filled with energy and a healing aura; bathed in light. Lesvos; a motherly embrace, a warm, hospitable nook. The whole world here is a mosaic of different images. More than 1400 species and subspecies of plants, over 300 species of birds and the entire island being an open geological museum. Traveling from one end to the other you get exposed to such diverse images that make you feel as if you have visited many different places. Lesvos of Sappho, Arion, Theophrastus, Elytis, Theophilos and many others. An energy magnet that will soon draw you back, because this is where you got answers to life’s questions, and where your body was filled with love and balanced energy.

Listen to your heart

Feel your desires with your hand resting on your heart, hold it there and feel confident and calm. Everything is fine, and now you can make the right and clear decisions again. Live with love, listen to your body, create your future.

OWL - Symbol of Wisdom

A bird that can transform simple knowledge into experience. Uses its skills of deep understanding and proper appreciation in every single daily challenge.
Ancient Greeks believed that a magical “inner light” gave owls night vision. This bird was the symbol of goddess Athena, as well as the symbol and protector of the city of Athens. The owl was protected by the Athenians, in contrast to the crow, which was “exiled” from the city. A large number of owls back then lived on the Acropolis. They were even considered an omen of good luck. The owl helps you gain a sense of timing and achieve more things with discipline and confidence.


The lotus flower is a symbol of rebirth, self-realization and purity of soul. Just as the lotus flower passes through mud long before it blooms, the human consciousness is constantly evolving towards enlightenment. Without going through the difficult lessons of life a person could never reach a higher state of consciousness. The lotus flower symbolizes the soul’s journey through self-purification and self-knowledge, towards spiritual development and merging with the universe and eternity.

Store your valuables + Guardianangel (Number 13) + Flower of Life (Nummer 30)

A place where you can keep small elements of your life, such as a photo, a shell, a piece of cloth or something special. What you love and want to have with you. It is a unique artistic object, helping you get in touch with your memories and desired goals, while consciously defining your priorities. It is something you want to keep separate, because it gives you strength and inspiration in your life.

Store your valuables + Treeangel (Number 14) + Flower of Life (Number 30)

A place where you can keep small elements of your life, such as a photo, a shell, a piece of cloth or something special. What you love and want to have with you. It is a unique artistic object, helping you get in touch with your memories and desired goals, while consciously defining your priorities. It is something you want to keep separate, because it gives you strength and inspiration in your life.


Plumeria symbolizes immortality and devotion to faith. Through the aroma of its flowers it unites the sky with the earth. It beautifies our lives and fills us with positive energy and joy. Its flowers are considered very important, because they have the ability to put light in our home and environment. The Plumeria flower can symbolize new life and new beginnings. It can also represent birth and creation. Experience the charm, beauty and grace of the Plumeria flower.

The Power of Symbols

Through the general idea of shapes and symbols comes the empirical confirmation of their healing power. As shapes and symbols travel through the centuries and into peoples historical traditions and cultures, they become part of a collective consciousness. Through this experiential therapy their power is confirmed. Sense this energy through your own experience with symbols or shapes.

The Pomegranate

The pomegranate is worshiped as a symbol of fertility, wealth and happiness. It is scientifically proven that it contains antioxidants and helps regulate the body’s cells. The juicy and delicious pomegranate seeds contain potassium, vitamins and iron and give us strength. The beauty of the pomegranate has been a source of inspiration for many cultures and artists. The deep red color of its seeds, which look like garnet stones, helps in sexual awakening based on tenderness and pure love. The pomegranate becomes a symbol of incorruptible love, extending beyond the death of earthly nature. It activates the first chakra, which is the connection between the mind and the physical body and directs its energies. Feel the will for life with confidence and vibrancy.

The Flower of the Sun

Touch and feel the joy from the flower of the Sun. Warm your soul. Our mind is part of our soul. Emotions and bright thoughts nourish and strengthen the light within us. The immortal element in our personality is this inner light; our very own Sun.

Time for Self-love

Give yourself time for things that make you happy and relax you. This is an act of love for yourself. See how much you have already achieved. Do whatever you have always wanted, but were not able to. Listen to your inner voice with confidence. Every day make sure you reward your efforts: Enjoy a few minutes of peace savoring the small joys of the day, by yourself under the sun. Choose a fruit you like, drink a glass of water. Drink it consciously and carefully. Praise and pat yourself on the back. You deserve a
‘Bravo’! Consciously incorporate moments of fun and relaxation in your schedule. Fill your soul with moments of joy and positive energy. Let the symbol run like a clock and remember yourself.

The Tree of Life

The tree of your life forms roots that keep you steady when the winds are strong, and give you the knowledge and experience of mother earth. Your branches can now grow taller and bigger and evolve. The branches that break and fall shall become your food. This pain and challenge shall in turn create knowledge and energy. I take care of the tree of my life, I water it with love, positive energy and I give it life force.

Flame of Life

A soul full of flame for life is born in the water. Throughout our lives, we maintain a balance between these two elements. Our spiral opens, grows towards infinity, stretches the body and connects it with the environment. You are part of the universe. Live with harmony and work, by cultivating your spirit, soul and body. Feel the balance this symbol teaches you. Accept the path shown to you by the Unicorn, a new beginning full of healing energy, creativity and vibrancy.


A source of positive energy. Close your eyes, listen to the sound of waves and feel the sea breeze. This perpetual movement fills you with serenity and positive energy. It helps you meditate and get your chakras aligned with the energy of the ocean. The sea inspires you, giving you confidence and courage to keep walking your own path in life.


The Unicorn; a legendary white horse with a horn that has healing and protective power. Connect with its values and virtues, such as courage and purity. The unicorn takes you on its back, helps you overcome your fears, gives you courage and transports you to a part of the path that you will not walk alone. Helps you overcome frustration, and illuminate your new path with faith and courage using your very own inner light, love and harmony.


Your job: Think of a wish, a goal, a change in your life and write it on a small piece of paper and give it to me.
My job: I accept your request, wrap the paper and put it in the egg. I then follow the procedure below: I work inside a channel of light, with deep contemplation on your desire, asking the Universe to keep safe and fulfil it. First, I put the wish on a soft white cloud. The softest and brightest white cloud we can imagine. The cloud is then covered in blue and at the end it is covered and enclosed by golden light to ensure maximum protection. This process is completed with positive energy and now it is your turn. Love your wish, believe in yourself and try to make it happen.

Angel of Love

The Angel of Love conveys the message that every single creature on Earth needs love to survive. Love nourishes life. Allow the Angel to become your guide reminding you through its wisdom that those who love themselves experience true love. Only by being content and balanced ourselves we can offer other people the joy, the assurance or the help they may need.

Angel of my Life

The “Angel of Life” helps you clean the shelves of the library of your life. Examine every book, place it in a new priority position, and fill in the unwritten pages. Some of them will not be a burden anymore. You will leave them behind with love, and shall move on without them. Books and pages are the people and the experiences we have in our lives. The “Angel of Life” is here and fills you with confidence, strength and serenity to make the best decisions and keep only what you need. You are now ready and confident to move on with your life, write new pages in your book, filled with joy, love, awareness and insight.

Angel Soothinga

This angel protects you and relieves your pain by teaching you patience and love. He will save you from mistakes and deceptions. So he supports you on your way to the divine order.

Tree Angel

The Tree Angel is the Union/Channel between the Etherial Universe and Mother Earth. The strengthening of the spiritual and physical planes. His deep roots anchor you to Earth while his etherial powers provide you with divine energy offering you the highest protection from life’s challenges.


Water absorbs all information. Words, thoughts and emotions alter water molecules and change its energy. Since our bodies contain a large amount of water (an average of 70%) its clarity and quality are highly important for the safeguarding of our well-being. This Angel reminds you to be mindful of the quality and clarity of your words, thoughts and emotions. Change your mindset and bring joy and easiness to your live. Smile every time you look at the Angel of Water because he reminds you to think positively. The Water Angel flows in you and lives in your body. He smiles and is happy with you.


Angel wings are a symbol of the utmost angelic and archangelic protection. Believing in angels helps you find your inner power, trust and hope in life. Let their wings surround you, embrace you. Feel their protection. The link between the Pair of Angel Wings reflects the ultimate unity which like a magnet forms bonds of Love, Companionship, Friendship and Protection. Use Angel Wings for yourself and/or share them with your loved ones.

The Apple

The apple was considered by several ancient cultures the fruit of knowledge and immortality. The section of the apple resembles the female uterus, which is the source of all living creations in the universe. Allow yourself to feel the influence of the symbol and it will guide you on the path of self-forgiveness and love. The door of divine truth is not out there – it is inside you.


Poet and composer, born in the 7th century BC in Mithymna/Molyvos on the island of Lesvos. Arion was exceptional in playing the guitar, the best citharode in ancient Greece. In order to be well-known to other places, Arion visited Sicily, where after winning a song contest, great wealth was bestowed upon him. His treasures caused envy to sailors, who made him choose between being thrown into the sea or being murdered. However, they let him fulfil his last wish; to sing one last song. When Arion started singing, a group of dolphins appeared, and he dove into the sea. One of the dolphins carried him on its back, until he was safely led back to Greece in Tainaro, from where he managed to continue his journey to Corinth. This is where the sailors received for their punishment, and a monument was erected in honor of the dolphin.

Healing Egg

Find the healing energy from the Center of your SolarPlexus and heal your body and soul. Turn your deepest desires into goals, and work on them. You may place them inside the egg and when you are wearing or touching it, it shall remind you of your desire or the healing point you are working on this specific time. The energy you are looking for is located at the core of your intuition – your belly – where your body IQ and your spirit lie. Feel the core of light inside your body, experience emotions and thoughts, harmoniously soothing for your body and soul.


Feel how important you are. First to yourself, then to others. Be the Master of Yourself!

The Gaze of the Angels

Angels are bright, white-clad creatures that study our lives. They see us like a colourful mosaic from up there, because we are all unique. Our life is like walking on a tightrope. They are waiting for us to believe in their ability to reveal to us divine beauty. They accompany us in every step, they take care of us, they believe in us and they love us. This symbol reminds you that you can hear and feel your angel wings, which will fill you with energy, strength and patience, while being looked at with love. Live with kindness and respect for yourself, others and God.

Ancient Wisdom

This Symbol is an ally to the protection of our mental health and the relief from stress. The pyramid shape at its base helps us ground ourselves to Mother Earth, thus connecting to its harmony and strength. The snake acts as a stabilizer transmitting us Earth energy while imparting healing knowledge. The combination of these two symbols helps us strengthen our grounding. These elements of power and harmony keep us connected to Mother Earth empowering us to heal our addictions and depression with greater ease. They help us make right and firm decisions when we face the challenges of life.


They refer to miracle, allurement and beauty. Fairies are known by many names around the world. But they are also known as magical creatures that live close to our world. Being in contact with a fairy often has profound effects on the mental and energy field of each individual. Remember to be honest and polite in all your encounters with fairies. In time, they will become your allies and friends. They are the perfect teachers of all women’s arts, ready to help the oppressed, turn the wrong into right and use their magic wand to make the impossible possible. Always use this high power, as the pure will of a higher being. The mystery and beauty of nature unite, giving birth to fairies.


A Hindu god with an elephant head. The archetype for a solid foundation in life. A god of wisdom and arts, who helps create a new beginning and overcome obstacles. A protector of women, the home and those who travel. Ganesha is considered a benevolent and happy appearance of life on earth, delighting us with the beauty of the gifts of nature. May Ganesha bless and protect you.


The symbol of love for yourself and others. The pulse and the movement of your heart is the rhythm of your life.

See through the EYES OF YOUR HEART

Close your eyes and open those of your heart; see life and its challenges through them. Live your life with empathy every day, having the eyes of your heart wide open. With confidence and inner serenity, you will find the right answers and solutions to your problems. The heart knows what the mind cannot see and explain.

I stop time

I live every beautiful moment with all of my senses. I add these moments to my memories and keep them in my soul. I hug, I laugh, I listen, I am happy. I love my life.


The hexagon is a healing shape found in both the microcosm and macrocosm. If we look at the microcosm through a microscope, we will see hexagonal snowflakes. If we look at the macrocosm through the eyes of modern telescopes, there is an oversized hexagon at the north pole of Saturn. Carbon has the atomic number 6 and is one of the most common elements on our planet. According to the Pythagoreans, number 6 represents the states of health, balance, as well as justice and peace. It is also the basis of the principle for the design and development of the therapeutic symbol “The flower of life”. Feel the power of the hexagon, as a natural symbol, leading to an inner experience of self-healing.


I am deeply rooted in Mother Earth, to nourish my body and soul. The nutritious juices the roots give me, fill me with confidence, strength, energy and knowledge. I can now live with humility, self-knowledge and self-acceptance. Through daily acts of love for me and those around me, I am led to fulfilment and happiness.

Worry Beads - Komboloi

A game that helps us relax and have fun. Its beads and the way we play with them activate the Meridians in our palms, reopening our energy lines and creating feelings of relaxation. The Ancient Greeks since 3600 BC held the secret to solving their problems and relieving stress. So, they created a toy with beads, much like today’s rosary. It helped them solve their problems and relieve stress.

Mermaid - A hymn to Woman

You are a free spirit, a legendary creature. You are the fountain of love. You have wisdom and live your life with confidence. You are unique. You inspire all those you come in contact with. A woman full of energy, you were born to live an outstanding life. As a mermaid you are both part of the ocean and a woman. You are the harmonious balance between nature and humanity. You are a happy and independent creature following your heart.


We are born, grow and live in cities. Our cities are nourished by us, much like our body is nourished by blood. Create a love connection with the neighbourhood you grew up in and the moments you enjoyed there, filled with energy and vibrancy. Experience a feeling of stability through the unique “Metropolis” Jewelry line. Explore the lines and curves, roll like a drop slowly and steadily, deep in each section, live the moment of creation, the birth of Jewelry, with a mood of comic art, feeling the warmth of fire and the coolness of metal. Enjoy the result: a small unique piece of art in your daily life.


A philosophy of love for God, manifested through faith and devotion to an ascetic and disciplined life. It leads from the transient earthly world to a higher one, as well as to the highest point of the union of the soul with the divine light. Through the circular motion of the earth we approach the universe and God.

The Snake

The snake is the symbol of creativity, sexuality and transformation. It has unique healing properties. It is your powerful ally in order to activate your creative power by bringing balance between your feminine and masculine self. Feel your inner snake, your spine. Keep your spine awake, conscious and free by maintaining fluidity in the movement of all its joints and vertebrae thus activating your physical and emotional healing. It helps you shed your past like a skin clearing your path for a new creative beginning. It teaches you how to be flexible while growing a backbone.

The Ladder of Life

You climb the ladder of your life. This symbol reminds you where you come from and where you want to go, in order to have a dynamic future, living a fulfilling life of happiness, harmony and balance. At the first step, the spiral of life reminds you of your past. Make peace with it by forgiving yourself and others through conciliating the memories stored in your body and mind. Take a step further. Live in present moment awareness. Release the energy, the love and the emotions you need to treasure this moment in your heart. Climb a step higher and you will be able to see far away. Now you are ready. Look at your future, plan and set new goals. Believe in yourself!

The Seed of Couples

The seed of your cooperation. The symbol of spring and new life through the union of your knowledge and experiences. Incorporates light and shadow, growth and the miracle of connectivity. Live with tenderness and pure love with both yourself and your partner. Allow the tree of your life grow, let its roots explore and recognize your desires. Fill the core of your emotions with confidence, love and optimism.


Its name has Greek roots. The hippocampus is typically depicted as a creature that has the upper body of a horse, and the lower body of a fish. The hippocampus appears in many ancient civilizations. It is mainly associated with the gods of the sea and is a symbol of strength, self-sufficiency, bravery and support. Explore the symbolism and meaning of the Hippocampus in depth, and find out how this spiritual animal guide can support, help and inspire you.


It symbolizes the highest goal of man; the union of the soul with the source of our entire existence. Wear the symbol and free your thoughts. Activate and open up your eighth chakra. The eighth chakra consists of pure, white, divine light. Make a fresh start in your life (Reviver). Do not let anything hold you back. Leave it with love behind! The human path to enlightenment goes through the loving acceptance of all experiences and feelings and the knowledge gained from them. Live peacefully, with love, patience, and understanding for yourself and those around you. Reviver shall help you reach self-realization and open the path to your spiritual evolution. It will help you recognize and comprehend your true existence and accept the energy and power given to you by Mother Earth and Father Heaven.


OM is the sound of the universe. Start chanting… OOOOMMMM and feel the vibration inside your body. The vibrations of the sound take you on a journey into the universe, just like meditation or prayer. OM symbolizes the universe and eternity. It is like the three stages of life: birth, life and death. OM is a symbol of happiness and helps you live in a healthy environment filled with positive energy.

Everything is Sound

Our body, mind and soul absorb and feed off cosmic and earthy sounds. Find the healing path of your soul, body and mind, through the right selection of sounds. Balance yourself and lead a better life.

Spiral of Life

Spiral of life; the journey has just begun from the first minutes of fertilization to our birth and throughout our lives. It will open, evolve and grow. It will be filled with experiences, emotions and knowledge. We make peace and accept all experiences and feelings, gaining knowledge and giving more love to ourselves. Wear your own spiral of life and live with forgiveness for the challenges of others and with love and support for yourself. Our goal is balance and the joy of life.

Your own Light of Balance

Let your soul shine. Through the balance of your soul we all see your light. Through this process, you become more attractive and pleasant to yourself and others, also your daily life gets happier. See how much you can shine now!


The turtle symbolizes the universe. As a symbol of stability, wisdom and longevity, giving us the example of deceleration and perseverance. The Turtle carries the entire world on its shoulders, quietly and efficiently, and its shell metaphorically unites earth and sky, weaving countless myths in all the world cultures. The upper vaulted part of its back corresponds to the constellations in the sky and is the male energy. The lower part has many lines, which are related to the earth and are the feminine energy. The symbolism of the turtle is that it reminds you to move steadily towards your goals, strengthens you, gives you inner peace and stimulates your entire nervous system.


The sacred place – A hymn to Life – A hymn to Mother – My birth – My very first breath -Oxygen reaching – my tiny lungs – The Breath of Life.

Physical health

The body is the garden of the soul. I train my body and mind knowing that my soul inhabits there. All the components function in each aspect of the body; they are all interdependent and interconnected within us. The Health, the well-being and the spiritual development of the subconscious mind create the most suitable environment for our soul to thrive and expand. I adore my soul therefore I adore my body.